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AnSky Grid Instruction



To use AnSky Grid, please register for� a new account here.
You will be asked for login details and will need to verify your email address.� Please check your spam box for our email.

To log into Ansky Grid you also need an Opensim viewer.� We suggest you use a viewer you feel comfortable with. click below to download viewer
Firestorm viewer�6.6.3

In your viewer in Preferences/Opensim, add login.anskygrid.ca:8002 to Grid Manager in 'Add new grid' and click Apply, then OK.
Now you can log in with your avatar details.

For support, please contact inworld, Andsim AnSky or Baymax AnSky.
Please send an IM or notecard if we are offline and we will get back to you ASAP.

In your viewer, Preferences/Chat/Notices, tick the box 'Email me IMs when I'm offline', to receive emails when you are offline.