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Copyright 2023 - AnSky


AnSky Grid is a FREE online 3D virtual world community,

where you can interact with friends from all over the world!! We offer the backdrop to your virtual life.

From Role Playing to Virtual Business. Have your own beachfront home, or your own skyscraper office building. Build it yourself, or hire residents to help you.


  • We equally everybody their value


We are the only grid operating in Canada


Operation ever since 2010!!!


feature that we have is:

  • Im to Email (Disabled by default)
  • Group
  • Account Management
  • working Profile in game and in Account Management page
  • Search 
  • group notices to email
  • Estate Management to rent full sim/private (not include mainland sim)
  • Working Estate restart
  • All region on own instances/process
  • Region crashed self restart on it own
  • Money System is Gloebit
  • Friendly Grid Owners
  • Single Email per Account (due security)
  • Web site 2FA (disabled by default)




updated date: dec. 18,2022

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